What Do Our Clients Think

B. Small, Traffic Case

 "I want to commend Robin on her professionalism, knowledge and promptness.  I had a speeding ticket and my career requires a clean driving record, so I knew I could not take chances and I needed legal counsel.  I contacted Robin and she returned my call immediately and gathered the needed information to begin defending me in the case.  She provided me with court dates, times and reminders leading up to the trial.  She also provided me with pointers and advice on courtroom etiquette.  When the trial  began, Robin took charge and pointed out several inconsistencies in the police report and the officer's testimony.  After bringing to light the inconsistent statements, the judge sided with our defense and dismissed my case in a few short minutes.  I was relieved to say the least, but most of all grateful to Robin for defending me.  Robin is a great attorney with practical rates and I wish there were more strong attorneys like her.  If I ever need legal counsel again, I know who to call." 

A. Miller, Criminal Case

"I fully endorse the Law Office of Robin L. Redditt!!  She helped me keep a misdemeanor off of my record and then later helped me expunge my background.  Her attention to detail is keen and her work ethic is strong.  If you're looking for a great attorney, call Robin she will fight hard for you and get you the results you need!!"   

S. Davis, Divorce Case

"Going through a divorce is never going to be painless. It’s basically the fracture of a family.  When it was time for my divorce, I put my trust and faith in Robin to help guide me through this crucial time. She was diligent and steadfast in helping me overcome my fears and making sure my interest and my child’s was protected.  A year later and she has been a rock through this transition and I am better because of it."

C. Rainey, Divorce Case

 "I retained Robin to move a previously settled case from downtown Chicago to Markham. Robin quickly and efficiently produced and refiled a motion to have the case moved and revised. The motion was successful and I was able to make the proper alterations with Robin’s assistance and satisfy all parties involved. In my experience, the court systems, especially concerning civil matters, move quite slowly. Nevertheless, due to Robin’s swift response, I was able to resolve this matter expeditiously." 

G. Glass, Tenant Case

"Robin helped me get my security deposit back from an unwilling landlord.  By the time she got through with that landlord, they had offered me a settlement that included my security deposit plus additional funds for repairs I had made on the property.  I am so grateful to Robin because she helped me get what I had coming and she gave me peace of mind!! I have used her twice since then and would recommend her to anyone looking for a thorough and passionate lawyer!!  Thank you Robin!!!"

L. Murphy, Divorce Case

"Attorney Robin Redditt represented me during my divorce and did an excellent job.  I would recommend her to all my friends and neighbors."